3 styles of blinds for your bedroom – House & Home

I can’t quite believed we moved into our lovely new home back in February. The months are flying by and we still have a few things we need to get sorted. The snow and a busy work schedule has meant we haven’t completed some of the key projects in our house. One of these main tasks is to replace the curtains with blinds. I think curtains can and do look good in many properties but I’ve really gone off them recently. I find that they’re very heavy and unless you have big windows they can look a little old fashioned. We’re in a new build this time so I’m keen to get something minimal and chic for our bedroom window.

You might think picking out a blind would be a super quick and simple task. However, there are many styles of blinds to pick from and it’s better to buy once than replace them again in 6 months. We popped into all the usual high street shops but didn’t have much luck. Our windows are a funny size and nothing seemed to fit. I think this was when it snowed for a second time and picking out blinds fell off our radar. Instead we spent our time finishing off the flooring in our bedroom.

I’ve been doing a lot of research over the last couple of weeks and a collaboration from the lovely folk at Ambition Blinds came up. I’m familiar with the brand and thought that this would be a fab opportunity to share some of my thoughts and favourite styles of blinds with you.

Venetian Wooden Blinds

These are perfect for rooms where you need to filter through a little light at different times of the day. They’re made up of horizontal slats and come in two main options; wooden and aluminium. They then come in many different finishes. I really like the idea of a white finish – Ambition Blinds offer some lovely colour choices. Our rooms are a little on the smaller side and I’m keen to bring as much light into the room as possible.

We have aluminium venetian blinds in the kitchen and they’re so handy but wooden ones are my all-time favourite. I’ve dreamed about having wooden blinds in my house for years. You do have to give these types of blinds a regular dust, just so you know.

Blackout Roller Blinds 

If you’re sensitive to the light then blackout roller blinds are going to be your best bet. They’re not only useful for blocking out the light on an early summer morning but also offer total privacy. They’re available in a good selection of colours – I really like Kiwi and Frost.

Although I know this style of blind would be useful and practical I can’t say that it’s at the very top of my list. I personally like allowing light into my bedroom. I find it best to wake up with the natural light.

Vertical Blinds

As with the roller blinds you can also get these in blackout material. I think vertical blinds are a fab way of elongating a window. They’re also a handy way of controlling the amount of light in the room. What I like best about these blids is that they can be swooped across to one side to allow for the follow window to be visible. I think this style of blind looks very neat and gives the illusion of much more space in a room.

My parents have this style of blinds in their house and they look really good. I’m fairly sure they opted for the blackout version. They have the navy version but I like that they are available in a variety of colours and and textures. Blush and Verona White are my favourites.

If you have any thoughts on the styles I like then please feel free to leave a comment below. I’m always looking for advice or tips when it comes to picking out home interiors.

Thanks to Ambition Blinds for sponsoring today’s post. I’ll be reporting back with my final decision and finished photos of the blinds we decide to buy.