Pago Juices in the UK

Pago Juice

I first learned about the world of Pago Fruit Juices on a trip to Italy. It’s one of my favourite places to visit so every time I’ve been since I’ve been enjoying Pago juices. My all-time favourite flavour is the pear one but this peach beauty comes in at a close second.

I always thought it was an Italian brand but it turns out that it’s actually Austrian. The brand was founded in 1888 by Jakob Pagitz and his brother Franz. They launched with the classics; apple, blackcurrant and redcurrant but have created many more fruity flavours over the years.  There are now 15 tasty flavours to pick from so I’m sure there will be something you like.

Pago Fruit Juice Peach - Austrian

What I love about Pago juices other than them tasting so good is that they’re produced from all natural ingredients. There’s also no added sugar in them which is always a bonus.

I’ve recently started to spot Pago in cafés and delis around the UK. Here in Sheffield you can grab a bottle from Motor Cafe which is in the downstairs of Union St Co-working Space. So when Pago Juices dropped me an email and asked if they could send me a few bottles I of course said yes.
Pago Fruit Juice - Peach
Every time I drink a Pago juice I feel I’m back in a café in Europe. If only we had the lovely warm weather to go alongside it.
Pago Pouring Shot
Pago Fruity Juice uk

The peach Pago is just like freshly squeezed peach juice. It’s actually much thicker than a regular juice. It’s somewhere between a smoothie and a juice. It’s thick, almost creamy but still very refreshing and fruity. It’s not at all sickly sweet but instead naturally sweet as if you were eating a peach.

I love drinking these straight out of their glass bottles but I’ve seen people getting a little more creative with them. I want to try making it into a cocktail like this. I’ll let you know how I get on with it.

I’m happy that Pago juices are now available in the UK. It’s no longer a drink just for your European summer holidays. YAY. You can also find them online. I need to get my hands on the cherry flavour next.