How to stop putting up mental barriers

I think it’s about time we have a quick chat about mental barriers and more specifically why it’s so important that you stop putting them up. Hint – they’re holding you back. Big time.

It’s something we can all be guilty of doing from time to time but if you want to achieve your goals and dreams then you really need to find a way to kick the habit. Trust me, it will be worth it when you do.

Mental barriers are holding you back from achieving what you want and what you deserve in life. Read on if you’re ready to smash them down.

What is a mental barrier? 

A mental barrier is when someone mentally holds themselves back from doing something. They build up this big wall of excuses aka a barrier which prevents them from getting on with something they want to do.

There are a number of reasons for this but usually it’s because they don’t believe they’re capable which then leads onto fear and more excuses being added to the barrier.

Let’s get specific

Someone might be longing to start a blog or YouTube channel but they constantly say they don’t have the right equipment to get started or they don’t have enough money. In reality, you don’t need to buy a domain name. You don’t need a top quality camera. You can begin by simply using the tools and knowledge you have. Smartphones have fantastic cameras these days which you can use to take photos and videos as well as editing them.

Identifying a negative tone 

I know of so many people who build up these mental barriers every time they want to start something new. It might be something as simple as cooking their evening meal at home, launching a new business or tidying out the kitchen cupboards. These people have big goals, fun ideas or positive intentions but there’s always something holding them back from getting started. When I think they’ve finally broken down that barrier another one magically appears. It’s a continuous circle that needs to be broken.

I don’t have the right camera to start vlogging. 

I don’t have the time to make breakfast in the morning. 

I would never be able to do that, I’m not good enough. 

I’m not fit enough to take up a new sport. I wish I could.

I’m sure you’ve heard some of those phrases or perhaps even said them yourself. These are obviously very generalised but I hope you get the point. Also, do you notice something similar about each one? They all start with a negative tone.

I can’t

I don’t

I haven’t

These are all the words that fall into your mind and everyday conversations when you have a negative mindset. We’ve all be there. I understand that it’s not easy to break out of the habit but boy is it important and so worth it.

How I tackle a negative mindset  

There have been times in my life where I’ve put up mental barriers but because it’s something I’ve always been aware of I’ve found ways to turn any negative and self-destructive energy into dust. Leaning towards a more positive attitude comes from my dad. He has always said that anything worth doing in life is going to be hard work. So, you might as well put your head down, focus on your goals and work hard towards achieving them.

A big factor in being able to do this is to stop caring what other people think as well as having a strong support network around you.

If I ever feel a little flat or negative I take a step back. I’ll go for a shower or workout at the gym. Those are my two favourite ways to feel energised and refreshed. I’ll then write down my goal onto a piece of paper, note down the steps it will take to achieve it and crack on.

For example, when I was thinking about starting a podcast over Christmas I started to research what it would take. What equipment I’d need and the platforms to distribute the podcast on. I quickly stopped doing that and just decided to get started there and then. I took my microphone, grabbed Phil and we set about recording the podcast. I then figured out how to edit it with a quick Google any time I got stuck and we were on a roll.

If I’d continued to research, debate and worry that my set-up wasn’t good enough I don’t believe I would have got started. You can check out my podcast here or on Soundcloud. It’s all about motivation and business.

How to break down the barriers

Every time you feel yourself putting up a barrier or making an excuse for why you can’t do something (something that deep down you really want to do) do the following:

  • Ask yourself what you’re afraid of.
  • Ask yourself what the worst outcome will be.
  • Stop thinking about what others will think of you or what decisions other people would make.

Then you should write down the thing you want to achieve. Write out each of the steps it will take to accomplish it and simply start with the very first step. It doesn’t matter how small that step seems to anyone else, it matters what it means to you. It’s important to start small to achieve big things.

You have to push past the fear. It might not be easy (don’t I know that) but as long as you start making little steps you’ll slowly be able to knock down the barriers preventing you from moving onto your next path in life. It will slowly become a habit and you’ll totally > flip the way you think < that’s the key.

You’ll get to a point where you no longer put up barriers or talk about why you can’t do something. If you do you’ll be aware that you’re doing it and you’ll have your own process to smash down the barrier and crack on with the task in hand.

You can do this

You can totally do this.

There’ll never be the perfect time to get started on that thing you want to do so do it now. You’re the only obstacle to your success. No one else. Not your friends, not your family or society.

There’s always a way.

This could be applied to any aspect of your life; career, business, love, friendships, travel and of course, many other areas. So stop putting up barriers, stop throwing out excuses and just crack on with your desired path in life.