A closer look at Outerspace Vodka

Today is finally the day that I tell you about this rather mysterious Outerspace Vodka.

As you can imagine, I was sucked in by the distinctive bottle design. I’m all about that alien lifestyle and as a long-term fan of the X-Files, I want to believe. I told my pals at 31Dover that I was intrigued by this bottle so they kindly sent one out to me. I was keen to see it IRL and figure out if it was just a novelty or if it housed a tasty vodka.

Outerspace Vodka 20118

Outerspace was launched back in 2015 and is still growing strong with a cult following. There’s very little information to be found about the brand and it’s founders. The website simply tells you where to buy it alongside social links, there’s no extra info. I think this plays a crucial part in the branding and adds to the excitement and intrigue.

Through a little research I discovered that James Denoon is one of the co-founders and co-owners of the brand. I’m longing to find out more about him and the fantastic brand he has created. I always love discovering the story behind exiting businesses, that’s why I created my Behind the Biz series. Perhaps I’ll be able to get him involved in the future.


This vodka is produced using corn from Iowa (gluten free). It’s distilled 5 times with the final stage being filtered through a 4 billion year old meteorite. Who wouldn’t want their vodka filtered through a chunk of space rock?

I really like this vodka and I can confirm that it’s not just an awesome bottle. Normally I only tend to drink flavoured vodka, especially neat. However, this one is so smooth and goes down very easily, too easily perhaps. It also doesn’t give you that burning sensation that many others do. I’m not sure if that’s because it’s filtered through a 4 billion year old meteorite or simply because it has been distilled a total of 5 times. I like to think it’s a combination of the two.

Outerspace vodka prettygreentea

The presentation of Outerspace is truly unique. It’s housed in an alien head glass bottle which is made from thick green glass. The vodka is clear, not green. It’s something that stands out amongst other bottles and is always a conversation starter when you crack it open.

Although I’m not a vodka connoisseur (yet) I did read that Outerspace received a SIP Gold Award in 2016 which is pretty cool.

Outerspace Corn Vodka

This vodka is a fantastic gift idea for anyone who enjoys the alien life or simply likes having something unusual on their shelf. Many people love to buy a drink for it’s bottle, I’m like that too and love to re-use and repurpose them once I’ve made my way through the spirit. I think this one is going to look fab filled with fairy lights.

Sometimes the contents of novelty drinks bottles can be a let down but that’s not the case with Outerspace. It’s a lovely smooth vodka and one which I wouldn’t hesitate to re-purchase. Outerspace is quite clearly a fun and innovative brand but I love the fact that they’ve created a quality spirit to go inside their fantastic bottle. I adore good branding but if a product is to truly stand the test of time and have repeat customers it has to offer an all-round quality product.

Outerspace Vodka Pouring Shot

Alien Vodka Outerspace

You can use this vodka as you would any other. It works well neat over a big hunk of ice or with tonic and lime. Alternatively you could get really creative and make some cocktails. However, because the vodka tastes good I think it’s nice to incorporate it into drinks where it isn’t diluted down too much – save the cheaper stuff for your cocktails.

Leave a comment below and let me know how you like to drink your vodka?

You can buy Outerspace Vodka from 31Dover