Cocktails At Birdhouse Tea Bar & Kitchen – Sheffield

Phil and Daisy

The other week Phil and I popped by Birdhouse Tea Bar & Kitchen (location – Sidney Street Sheffield S1 4RG) for evening cocktails. We love going there for lunch and brunch so when we saw that they were offering 2 for £10 cocktails every Thursday and Friday evening throughout May we knew we had to give them a try. I’m not sure if the offer will continue into June but I’ll double check and let you know.

Luckily the evening was lovely and warm so we were able to sit outside in the courtyard. Phil and I often stay in on a Friday evening. We prefer to spend out free time working on various projects or cooking a tasty meal at home. However, sometimes it’s good to get out and take a little time away from the day-to-day norm. Going for cocktails followed by a delicious curry was just what we needed. It was peaceful and relaxing in the Birdhouse courtyard so we stayed for a couple of rounds of cocktails.

2 cocktails birdhouse sheffield

Their cocktails all have a tea theme, as you’d expect. We made our way through 4 different cocktails between the two of us and a side of bread and olives. You can find their full evening menu here and the cocktails are all online too.

The first cocktails we went for were our usual classics but with a tea inspired twist. Phil went for the Spiced & Stormy which you can see above on the left and I went for the Botanical Gardens Mojito. Both were really tasty and I’ll be ordering them when I go back next time.

Birdhouse cocktails Sheffield

Phil then had the Bakewell Whiskey Sour and I went for the Speedwell 1875 – both were fab but I liked my Speedwell a little more because I was in the mood for something sweet. I love finding a place that knows how to make excellent cocktails. So many places attempt them but either make them super sweet or sour. It’s all about getting the right balance.

Cocktails Sheffield Birdhouse

If you haven’t had the chance to visit Birdhouse Tea Bar & Kitchen then make sure you pop by this weekend.

Location: Sidney Street Sheffield S1 4RG