Judging Books By Their Covers

This post is pretty simple. It’s a collection of books I’ve picked out based on their covers. Aren’t they beautiful?

I take inspiration from the world around me. Sometimes that comes in the form of the blossom trees that I walk by on my way to the office and other times it can be from the decor in a shop or as the case is today, the cover of a book.

When I find myself in a book shop I’ll always take a little extra time to browse in the hopes of stumbling upon a fantastic new colour combination or a photography style I haven’t thought of before. The other week I was waiting for my sister in Waterstones and I decided to take a few snaps of the books and magazines that caught my eye. I documented these books on Instagram Stories and will share them here later this week. It was fun to do and I left the shop with a refreshed love for all things blue and pink.

A couple of days ago I was sitting at my laptop feeling a little flat. I had lots of work to get through and needed a good kick of motivation and inspiration. So over a big cup of coffee, I decided to pick out some books with covers that inspired me, a bit like a mood board.

Persiana is a really fab cookbook which Gemma gave to me for Christmas. It has some delicious recipes in so if you’re a fan of Middle Eastern food do check it out. Speaking of Gemma, she’s just launched her blog and has shared a fab post all about her journey of self-doubt and how’s she cutting herself some slack.

I adore the MAPS book and always have a look at it in when I spot it. It’s a huge book for all ages and is filled with detailed maps from around the world. You’ll find everything on them from rivers to cultural events. I’ll have to get it for my collection one day.

The use of fonts, colours, shapes, photography and illustration are all so inspiring and really make me think about the work I’m about to tackle in a fresh and new light.

Leave a comment below and let me know when you like to take inspiration from.