A New Chapter: We’re having a baby

Last week I shared some new and exciting news over on Instagram.

We’re having a baby!

I’m now 5 months pregnant which is pretty crazy to think about.

That’s halfway.

The months are going by pretty quickly, as they always do in life. Despite time moving quickly I’m trying to ensure I enjoy my pregnancy as much as possible while working hard on my business.

Prettygreentea has always been the place that I’ve documented each new chapter of my life. Actually, when PGT first started out the title of the blog was Prettygreentea: A New Chapter. I soon decided that was too long and that the posts would show that this little spot on the internet is all about documenting my life.

I shared my first PGT post back in 2008 as a student in Manchester. I started my blog for fun and as an alternative to Live Journal. I wanted to use it to learn and improve upon my photography skills and as a diary. It’s now 10 years on, PGT has become my job and here I am beginning to document my journey to becoming a mum.

I’m very excited about this new chapter of life and look forward to incorporating pregnancy posts alongside travel, food and lifestyle.

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