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Back in 2016 I put together a post around the topic of crab bucket mentality – you can read it here. It’s been very popular and I thought it was about time we revisited it.

I’d learnt about this Filipino metaphor when I read Stephen Doran’s book, Burn The Bullsh!t: How To Live Before You Die.

To put it simply, if there is one crab in a bucket it will easily escape. However, when there is a cast of crabs in a bucket they’ll pull each other down so that they all stay inside the bucket.

To summarise, ‘if I’m not getting out, neither are you’ – a short-sighted and selfish mentality.

I’m sure you’ve come across it before.

There are lots of people who have a crab bucket mentality. You can’t help them to change but what you can do is protect yourself.

Here are 4 ways you can do just that:

Don’t talk about your dreams and goals. Instead, keep your head down, stay focused and work towards them. Let your success speak for itself.

If you hear from the crab regularly turn off your phone notifications. That means on all apps and messages. It allows you to check your social media channels and messages when you’re in the right frame of mind.

Create a support network for yourself and friends. Focus on friends and family who lift you up, support what you do and celebrate your wins.

A crab can often bring those terrible fears of self-doubt. It’s important to be aware of your friends who have a crab mentality. When you can sense their negative energy and comments creeping in you simply have to keep going. You have to remember why you started and stay laser-focused on the end goal. You don’t need that kind of negative energy around you. Here are some tips on how to kick self-doubt to the curb.

Find out more about the crab bucket theory and leave a comment below letting me know how you deal with people who have a crab bucket mentality.