Looking back at my summer bucket list

A while back I shared my summer bucket list.

It’s one of many lists I normally keep in my phone. However, I decided that it would be fun to share it here on PGT. I thought it would help me to stay accountable as well as giving myself a little extra push to complete each item.

I’ll be sharing a bucket list each season as well as taking a look back at what I managed to complete and the things I still need to try.

So, over the summer months, I planned to do the following 10 things. I’m going to talk through each one and let you know a little more about the 8 I completed and the 2 that never happened.

Brighton Beach

Take a day trip to Brighton

My sister and I had a fab trip to Brighton in August. It had been ages since we’d had a day trip away together so it was extra special. The weather was lovely and warm, we ate excellent vegan pizzas from Purezza, enjoyed ice cream from Boho Gelato and walked down the front.

It was so good having a day to catch up together and just hang out. We’re planning to do it all over again in November.

Go for a picnic

L and I had a lovely picnic in Lille. We’ve started a little tradition of going away each year for a few days. It tends to fall around May and although the weather can be a little hit and miss we got very lucky on this trip.

We picked out fresh bread, sandwich fillings and beers before heading to a beautiful big park. The sun was so hot and it was nice to just relax and chat away for a couple of hours.

Read outside in the sunshine

We had such lovely weather throughout the summer months that I had lots of opportunities to sit outside and read.

When I was back home in Cambridge I’d take my book into the garden and if I was in Sheffield I’d head into the city centre and sit by the fountains.

Make homemade ice lollies

I made a batch of coffee and hazelnut milk ice lollies. I don’t think I ended up documenting this anywhere but I’m sure I’ll be making them again. If I hadn’t added this to my summer bucket list, I don’t think I’d have got around to making them. I’m pleased the list made me do it.

They’re quick and easy to whip together and you can find the recipe over on my second blog, Dairy Free Daisy.

Have a BBQ in the garden of our new home – FAIL

I did not manage to tick this off my summer bucket list.

We have a lot of work to do in our garden and due to life and work commitments, we didn’t manage to get started on it in the summer. As the colder days are setting in we really must get that sorted. We’re planning to have someone come in and get it into shape early in November. The plan is that we’ll then be able to keep it under control.

I’d love to have some cosy autumn evenings around a fire pit in the garden.

Get back into yoga and pilates – FAIL

Sadly I didn’t get back into either of these.

This is something that will roll into my autumn bucket list. I’ve left my gym and plan on joining back at Nuffield which has the options of both classes. It takes a little longer to get there but I know I’ll get good use out of it.

Go for a long countryside walk

We did this a lot in Cambridge but not in Sheffield. It’s always nice to be able to leave my parents house and just walk 10 minutes to get into the countryside.

Hopefully, we’ll have the time to get on some countryside walks this autumn.

Go to a local farmer’s market to stock up on fresh bread and fruit

We went to the Sharrow Vale market which was fantastic.

It was full of local businesses and we stocked up on bread, fruit and dairy free chocolate. I even picked up a bar of goat milk soap to try.

Make a cocktail video recipe

I’ve now made over 3 videos with Connor and I’m really proud of each one.

We’re ready to take on some new clients for the end of the year. If you fancy having some fun and exciting videos created around your products just drop me an email.

Motivational books

Read 6 business/self-dev books

I’m pleased to say that I managed this one as well as getting my head into some brilliant pregnancy related books. I’ll be sharing a review of the books I read in the next couple of weeks.

I love reading or listening to audiobooks and I’m currently putting together my reading list for autumn.

Did you have a summer bucket list?