Cherry Pisco Sour With M&S

I love the fruit from M&S. They always have such a good selection available, especially if you’re looking for in-season fruit. I find their fruit is always ripe and full of flavour. Many supermarkets and even local markets can have some really bland fruit.

Over the summer M&S asked if I’d like to whip up a couple of recipes to share here on PGT. As a big fan of the brand I thought this would be a lot of fun. It’s always extra fun to collaborate with brands I love and use on a weekly basis.

This not a sponsored post, they simply sent through a bunch of ingredients and directed me to their Best In Season recipes. I’ll be sharing a few fruity recipes with you over the next week but have decided to separate them into their own posts.

Today we’re going to make a Cherry Pisco Sour.

Pisco Bottle

What you need to make 4:

250ml pisco
200g pack of M&S cherries pitted
100g caster sugar
4-5 limes, juiced, to give 100ml lime juice
Lime zest to garnish
3 large eggs, separated, to give 100ml egg white
A few drops of Angostura Bitters

Infusing Pisco Overnight


Start by putting the pisco and cherries into a large jug and covering with clingfilm. Leave them to infuse overnight or if you’re a little impatient, 4 hours will do the trick.

Infusing Pisco

When you’re ready to make your Pisco Sour you’ll need to strain the liquid. Don’t forget to reserve some of the macerated cherries to use as a garnish.

Pisco Sour Prep

Next it’s time to make a sugar syrup. Put 100g of caster sugar into a saucepan with 100ml of water. Bring to the boil then simmer ’til the sugar has dissolved. It’s important you keep a closer eye on this step.

Remove the sugar syrup from the heat and leave it to cool.

Pisco Sour Lime Squeeze

Pisco Sour Egg White

It’s best to make each cocktail separately to ensure they taste their best.

Combine 50ml of cherry pisco, 25ml sugar syrup, 25ml lime juice and 25ml of egg white into a cocktail shaker.

Pisco Shake Cocktail

Top with ice cubes with room to shake shake shake!

Pisco Shake

Shake for 30 seconds.

Pisco sour 2018

Strain into your favourite glass and shake over a few drops of Angostura Bitters.

Pisco Cocktail recipe

Garnish with cherries and lime zest.

Make up another cocktail for your friend and then relax and enjoy the evening.

Let me know if you give this cocktail a try.