12 Journals To Help You Stay Organised in 2019

I love picking out a new diary or journal for the year ahead. I switch between calling them diaries and journals quite freely. Although I find journals tend to be much more personal and have room for stickers as well as extra questions built in to make you analyse your week and life.

I’m currently deciding between a classic Moleskine diary, a Kikki K Journal or simply going with a Bullet Journal. I often have two going at once, one for my blog and work and another for daily life. I’ll be expecting my first baby in March so I want to ensure everything is much more streamlined than previous years.

I thought it would be fun to share 12 journals I’ve spotted around the web to help you stay organised in 2019. I’m hoping this post also leads me to a little clarity for what to use myself.

I love a classic Moleskine Weekly Diary, in the large size. The pocket ones are cute but I like to go in making notes so the larger diaries and journals are better for me. Moleskine’s look smart, give you lots of room to write on their lovely paper and you can still fill them with fun stickers. They’re also pretty lightweight and are easy to carry around.

I also think the more journal focused ones are brilliant as as I mentioned before, they give you the chance to get a little more personal. These Kate Spade and Kikki K journals are so much fun. They come in cute binders and you can use them again year after year. They’re best to keep at your desk as they can become too heavy and bulky to carry around.

Finally I must mention The Positive Bullet Diary created by Ali and Finn. This is an independent diary I stumbled upon over on Not On The High Street.

The Positive Bullet Diary can be personalised and is focused on creativity and wellbeing. It’s an undated diary which is super handy as it can be started at any point in the year, perfect.

I’m always keeping an eye out for indie creatives launching their own diaries and journals. There are some really unique ideas out there, perhaps I’ll share a post focused on independently created journals over the weekend.

Leave a comment below and let me know what type of diary, journal, notebook or app you’ll be using in 2019.