Bilou – Vegan Body Care

Today I have a treat for those of you with a sweet tooth. For a change, I’m not talking about food. Instead we’re taking a closer look at the fun, cheerful and vegan-friendly body care brand, Bilou.

Bilou was created and founded by the German blogger, Bibi. She runs Bibi’s Beauty Palace and back in 2015 she launched Bilou with just two shower foams. The range now boasts shower foams, body sprays, cream foams, hand foams and bath salts.

Bilou Body Care

You’ve probably noticed this by now, but each of the products come in a variety of foodie scents; Splashy Melon and Frosty Mint to Cherry Blossom and Chocolate Cupcake. There’s no denying they’re sweet but of the ones I’ve tried they haven’t been too sweet or sickly. They also seem to have some floral scents out in Germany and hopefully we’ll see those on the UK shelves soon.

Bilou Body Products

You can check out the full range products here and buy them in the UK here.

It was the branding that initially caught my eye. It really stands out on the shelves of Superdrug. It’s cute and fun yet minimalist. Overall I do think the product lends itself to a slightly younger demographic, especially when it comes to the body sprays.

Bilou fizzy berry

Saying that, it has caught my eye multiple times and I’ll be picking up some of the new scents when they hit the shelves. So, perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps they aim for an ever so slightly younger target market but because they’ve got their branding on point it’s one of those brands that will be picked up by people of all ages who lean towards sweeter scents.

I initially thought the products were so fragranced that they’d irritate my skin. It’s one of the only reasons I hadn’t tried them before. However, since they landed on my desk I’ve been trying them out and have had no irritations. I’m using the creamy shower foam most days – it’s my favourite product from the range.

Bilou Tasty Donut

The foam range of products contain avocado oil, sweet almond oil, or multitasking aloe vera. They’re also free from parabens, silicones, and are suitable for vegans.

Bilou cream foam

I love how quickly the cream foam absorbs into your skin. I hadn’t used a product like this before so it was really interesting. It doesn’t leave a sticky or tacky feel after and has a lovely soft and creamy texture. It’s a treat to use.

Bilou keep things small and stick to their roots. They currently work with mid-sized family businesses based in Germany. I think it’s important for businesses to support their local community and surrounding businesses where possible.

I thought the range was so good that I picked up a few bottles to add to gifts for family members just a couple of days after trying them. These were added to the gifts of younger members in the family but I have a few friends who love a sweet scent and I know these would go down a treat.

Body caree products

They are sweet products but they’re equally a fab and fun range for anyone and any age. My personal favourites are the watermelon and donut scents.

If you fancy having a sweeter start to your day then you should give this range a try. I particularly recommend the cream shower foams. You can find the range in Superdrug and they’re often on offer.

Bilou Superdrug