Comfortable Maternity Dresses & More

Prettygreentea OOTD ASOS

This New Look dress has been a firm favourite throughout pregnancy. It seems to be sold out in this colour but they have a very similar one available in green – I might order it today. It’s one of those dresses that will continue to look good for a couple of months after pregnancy and it has buttons at the top which will be handy for breastfeeding. My final justification to buy the new version of this dress is that I’ll be able to keep it for next time (hopefully).

Prettygreentea Lille Meert

Throughout my pregnancy I’ve been all about dresses. I wanted to look smart but still feel comfortable. I found that dresses ticked both of these boxes as well as being a quick and easy way to put together an outfit. All I had to do was pick out my favourite hat, shoes, handbag and make-up I was good to go.

I’ve mostly been teaming my maternity dresses with tights or on the very odd occasion, leggings. However I’ve found that leggings just don’t seem to suit me. I much prefer how tights look on a day-to-day basis. That’s my personal choice though. It’s important to opt for what makes you feel good.

When it comes to tights the best ones I can recommend are these wool ones from H&M. Actually, I’ve used a bunch of their tights and they’ve all been really good – you can find them here.

Just as a little warning, I’ve not had much luck with ASOS tights. I’ve had about 4 pairs and they’ve all been pretty poor quality. One pair were so bad that they ended up falling all the way down to my knees as I rushed home to change. Luckily, I was wearing a maxi dress.

My go-to place to stock up on maternity dresses has been ASOS, Topshop and Shopbop. ASOS are brilliant because they stock a fantastic range of brands from cheap and cheerful to mid-range and then luxury. Shopbop is the place to go for high quality maternity wear, something a little different and unique styles. Then there’s good old Topshop, they always get it right.

This red dress from Topshop has been a real winner over the last few months. It’s been another excellent purchase for my maternity journey, especially for parties and special occasions. I’ve had so many compliments whenever I wear it and it’s designed to work well for breastfeeding too.

Speedo Maternity swimsuit | Ingrid & Isabel Active Maternity Capri Pants

While we’re on the topic of maternity clothes, I’ve also been loving this Speedo swimming costume (the cut is very flattering) and these Ingrid & Isabel workout leggings. Perhaps I should do a full post on these? I think they deserve it.

So that’s a very quick run down of some of my favourite maternity finds over the last 8 months. I’ve found 5 of the comfortable dresses I own and popped them below alongside some new designs which have caught my eye.