You Must Try The Hot Chocolate at Godiva

Godiva Close up shot edit

My first experience of hot chocolate at Godiva was when Phil and I were invited down to try out their new shop in Meadow Hall. This was for an Instagram collaboration last year which was shortly followed by trying their delicious afternoon tea a couple of months later. I recently shared a post about the Godiva afternoon tea, if you’re a chocoholic then you must check it out.

We’ve since taken friends and family back to Godiva on several occasions. The most recent visit was just before Christmas with R&R. It was the perfect spot to catch up after R left for Australia 3 years ago.

I’m not normally a hot chocolate person but when it comes to Godiva it’s a different story. P and I think these are so good, especially during the colder months so I’m here to share 2 of our favourites with you.

Godiva Sheff edit

This is the Orange with Chilli Chocolate Popcorn hot chocolate. After our first visit it has quickly become Phil’s go to whenever we end up in Godiva.

Yes, it comes with a chocolate spoon and nest, they all do and I’ll be honest, the spoon might just be my favourite part. You can simply eat these as they are, share them with a friend who opted for coffee or break and stir them into your hot chocolate to make it even more indulgent.

The popcorn has an excellent chilli kick to it and the hot chocolate itself is dark, rich and creamy with a lovely orange zest.

Godiva Hot Choc Edit

This is the Matcha with Sesame Popcorn hot chocolate. It’s a white chocolate base witch matcha. I’m not a particular fan of white chocolate so it’s not something I’d normally pick. However, I do love matcha, especially when it’s done well.

Each time I’ve had the matcha hot chocolate it’s been excellent. It’s a creamy and rich hot chocolate but the matcha balances out the white chocolate which prevents it from being overly sweet.

You could even share one of the hot chocolates and get a coffee to balance things out. That’s what P and I sometimes do, mostly because I can’t over-indulge in dairy due to my eczema. These are so hard to resist though.

Godiva Hot Choc Popcorn

The hot chocolates at Godiva are usually more of a rich treat than sickly sweet. I mean, by the end of it you’ve certainly had your fill of chocolate and they really are rich but they aren’t sickly like some brands.

Matcha Godiva Edit

I’ve been to the Meadow Hall branch a fair few times now and we’ve always had really good service. The staff are friendly and always happy to help when you’re struggling to make a decision. On our last visit we talked for a couple of hours with friends and weren’t made to feel rushed or uncomfortable by the staff.

Let me know if you’re a Godiva hot chocolate fan.