Red Letter Day Lunch at Zizzi

Warning! Lots of photos of delicious food are included in this post. The voucher was gifted to me by Red Letter Day.

I think a Red Letter Day experience always offers a fun and alternative gift. We live in a world where it’s easy to buy what you want, when you want. Too easy perhaps. So, unless there’s something specific that a friend wants or needs I think that an experience day can be a lovely treat.

Back in Feb I shared some of my favourite last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas. They’d also be good for other special occasions so it’s worth checking them out for any upcoming special occasions. One of the suggestions was a Red Letter Day experience. They always have lots of different gifting options available and you can also order any of their experience days as e-gift vouchers – perfect as a last minute gift and a little more eco-friendly.

Zizzi Sheffield - Prettygreentea

A month or so back Red Letter Day sent a gift voucher to me. It was for a three course meal for 2 at Zizzi. If you know me then you’ll know that I love pizza, who doesn’t? The voucher was valid for 10 months, but as with all vouchers, I think it’s good to get it booked in as soon as possible.

Zizzi Sheffield - The Light

It was just a week or so before I had my baby that P and I decide to use the voucher. We like going to Zizzi at The Light at Sheffield. It’s spacious, the decor is lovely and if you go at lunch time it’s not too busy.

Our voucher entitled us to 3 courses from a set menu – check out the special menu. However, they were very accommodating and let us pick vegan cheese on one of the pizzas as well as opting for their new vegan cheesecake which wasn’t on the menu. We expected to pay extra for this but there were no additional costs to our bill.

Zizzi Sheffield - Starter

These are Arancini Balls. A delicious starter that Phil often picks. They’re risotto balls with mozzarella, peas & a breadcrumb coating.

He says they’re full of flavour but very indulgent and filling – make sure you’re really hungry when you order these.

Zizzi Sheffield - Vegan starter
Zizzi Sheffield - Starter

This is the Bruschetta. The toasted bread is covered with the most deliciously fresh tomatoes, red onion and roasted garlic. Then it’s covered in extra virgin olive oil with blobs of green pesto and the most fragrant basil. It also normally comes with Riserva cheese or you can pick creamy Buffalo mozzarella.

I need to know where they’re buying their basil from because the one I buy in the supermarket has such little flavour in comparison.

Zizzi Sheffield - Pizza love

This is the Rustica Pizza Piccante. If you like a spicy meaty pizza then give this a try. It’s a super thin crusted pizza covered in pepperoni, spicy ‘Nduja sausage, salami, hot roquito chillies and mushrooms. This one has vegan cheese on and our other one had mozzarella and mascarpone.

It’s a classic and one we always order.

Zizzi Sheffield - Cheesecake

One of the reasons I really enjoy a foodie gift voucher is that it gives me the chance to have a dessert. I’d been looking forward to this as I knew they had a new vegan cheesecake on the menu.

But first, let me tell you about the Lemon Curd Cheesecake.

This is a regular dairy cheesecake. It’s tasty, but not as good as the vegan cheesecake below. If you’re a fan of citrus flavours then you’ll really enjoy it. It’s creamy, super zingy and has a topping of lemon curd and sweet shards of tangy raspberry.

Zizzi Sheffield - Vegan cheesecake

This is the cheesecake of dreams.

It’s vegan which means it’s also dairy free and OMG it’s so good. It tastes just like a regular cheesecake, but better.

It’s a Caramelised Biscuit Cheesecake. The crunchy biscuit base has a strong flavour of cinnamon. The middle is creamy and has a sweet swirl of caramel running through. It’s topped with vegan honeycomb and the cake has an overall flavour similar to Biscoff.

It wasn’t on the set menu but I was desperate to try it. I’m now desperate to go back and have it again.

Zizzi Sheffield

We had a lovely time with our gifted voucher and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this for a friend.