Storage Ideas for Your Hallway

We’re working super hard to get our house organised. I know, I mention this a lot and yes, it’s still on-going.

The reason it’s taking us quite some time is that we’re forever balancing work, side hustles, cooking dinner, cleaning and now, baby X. Although it’s a project I’m really enjoying I do think it’s time to get everything finished.

At first we’d planned to work on one room at a time but because we’ve been keen to streamline what we own we’ve taken a different approach. With less stuff it means we will generally have less clutter around the house, that’s always a good thing. So, we’ve been using the KonMari Method has worked magic for us but I’ll tell you more about that later. Just as a quick pointer though, I highly recommend her book but didn’t personally love the TV show. 

One of our key focus points of the last couple of months has been storage. Anything we consider putting into our attic we’re take straight to the charity shop. Most of our things now live within baskets which then are lined up neatly into their respective cupboards.

Our journey of storage optimisation has been going on for a while now. We’re slowly getting there. 

One of the areas I’ve changed up a couple of times has been the hallway. 

We have a small hallway so we like to keep things as minimal as possible. If there’s too much going on the space instantly feels cluttered and messy. So, we’ve decided to take advantage of the space in our downstairs toilet. It’s opposite the front door and is quite roomy.

It has been the perfect place to install shelving and hooks. Here we hide away our big chunky coats, although hopefully we can put those away now that summer is here. On the top shelves we have a few of our shoes and some boxes. 

In our hallway we’ve kept our coat stand but are just keeping two light weight jackets there. Anything more and it looks too messy.

On the lower shelf we have a cute basket. In winter I keep hats and scarves in this but for summer I’ve added an umbrella (hello English summer), a picnic blanket and a couple of cardigans. This is our grab and go basket to make dashing out of the house easy. 

We also have a shelf for our keys, sunglasses and any other bits and bobs. I’d still like to make a couple of changes just so we can keep the key shelf neater and easier to use. 

Today I’m sharing 4 simple storage ideas that you can implement into your hallway. Some of these I hope to incorporate to our current hallway. 

4 Simple Storage Ideas For Your Hallway 

Storage Bench

My dream hallway would have a storage bench. I’ve always loved them for storage, hiding away mess and of course, to sit on. 

Wall mounted coat hooks

Instead of having a coat rack you can save on space by mounting some modern coat hooks onto the wall. If you’ve go little ones think about putting a second row lower down so that they can hang up their own jackets.

Wall mounted cabinets

If you don’t like having open storage then this is the best way to hide away all of your mess. 

Wicker baskets 

We use baskets all around our house. It’s a quick and easy way to store away hats, scarves, shoes and bags. 

You could even have one for each member of the family. Chuck in a daily handbag, a pair of shoes, hat and any other bits you tend to grab before heading out of the door. 

Ladder shelf

If you like open storage then this is a creative away of storing your shoes. I think it would look lovely in an apartment. The style would be more suited to a couple living together as opposed to anyone who has little ones. 

High shelves

If you have high ceilings then adding some high shelves for boxes could be very handy.

We’ve done this in our downstairs bathroom. We have a box of Halloween decor, the candle box and some other bits. They’re easy to grab if we need them but equally keep things out of reach.

I hope you found some of these tips useful and I’ll soon be sharing more snaps from around our lovely home.

Thanks to The Cotswold Co for collaborating with me on this post. As always, all words are my own.