The most versatile table

Like many families we spend most of our time in the kitchen.

It’s the hub of our house.

A place where we start and end each day.

Most mornings you’ll find me dancing around the kitchen with Xander. He then sits in his bouncer while I make breakfast and a big cup of coffee. Phil and I do our work there and I spend a lot of time cooking and baking. It’s also the room we use most when family and friends visit.

I think you get it, I love spending time in my kitchen.

Today I want to tell you about the new and much needed addition to our kitchen.

bar cart kitchen

The Florist table Gibelle table from pib (gifted).

It was a lovely gift which arrived just a few weeks before Xander made his entrance into the world.

We’ve already had so much use out of it so I thought it was about time I shared it with you. Truth be told, I’ve been trying to finish this post for a couple of weeks now but my new mum life takes priority. I’m still figuring out how to balance everything but we’re getting there.

Florist table Gibelle - Pib

As soon as I spotted the table I knew it was going to be versatile. It’s the main reason I picked it from the pib site. I also loved the retro look and knew it would be a classic shabby chic style that would always look good.

It’s made out of 100% white metal and holds heavy objects with ease. It’s robust and I can tell it’s going to be around our home for many years to come.

Florist table Gibelle - Prettygreentea

We initially set the table up as a bar cart in our kitchen but it quickly moved rooms and turned into a changing table during the first month of Xander’s life.

Florist table Gibelle - pgt

It fit our changing mat perfectly with room for a few baskets underneath filled with nappies, wipes and fresh clothes. It was a godsend for my c-section recovery.

Florist table Gibelle - PGT

It has since turned back into a bar cart, it is summer after-all. It’s living in our kitchen and we’ve displayed our favourite gins, beers and wines. I’ve also added some fairy lights which make the kitchen extra cosy in the evening. I think some flowers looped through the bars would look lovely too.

There are many other ways I’m looking forward to using the table. I’d like to use it as a vanity one day. The bottom shelf lifts up to allow room for your legs. It would also work well as a desk or console table by the front door.

One of the ways I’ll be using it this summer is to lay out grazing lunches. I can also imagine taking it outside when we have a BBQ to use for all the tasty treats.

I can see us using this table for years to come. I imagine it will take on many forms and move with us from home to home. I love furniture that stays around for years.

I am so happy to have discovered pib. They have such a lovely collection of unique vintage-inspired furniture and currently have a sale on.