4 Things To Keep In Mind When Planning Your Kitchen

I’m back with another House & Home post.

I know I know, it’s been a while. Things are moving at a slower pace since having a baby. I’ve never been happier though.

Today I want to share some of my tips for planning a kitchen. We didn’t plan our current kitchen but I did help out my parents and work in a kitchen company for a couple of years.

The fact we didn’t plan our current kitchen is the reason this topic is on my mind. Considering it’s only a few years old we’ve had quite a few problems with appliances and need to improve the storage and lighting.

4 Things To Keep In Mind When Planning Your Kitchen

Plug sockets

This is a big one.

I can’t imagine we’re along in having lots of appliances. It’s not just the toaster and kettle any more. There are coffee machines, juicers, food processors and much more that need plugging in. They also need storing away but we’ll get onto that later.

Always go for double plug sockets and have 3 of these around the kitchen. If you can have at least one with USB ports then you’re onto a winner.

Natural Lighting

The kitchen is the most used room in our home. We use it for cooking, eating, socialising and working. It’s a busy place and one which needs as much natural light as possible. I much prefer natural light (when possible) because it helps to keep things feeling fresh and bright.

Tuffx Glass are bespoke glass makers here in the UK. They provided the glass for The Shard and other prestigious buildings. Not only do they work on commercial projects but they also provide glass for smaller residential projects.

I may have mentioned before but we hope to put some extra windows into our kitchen. I would love to install a roof-light but I don’t think that’s something we’ll be able to do in this house, maybe whenever we move again.

Bin Location

I don’t think it’s until you’ve experienced a bin in the wrong location that you realise just how important it is. The best location will be different for everyone but remember that it’s not only the ‘kitchen bin’. It’s most likely going to be the bin that is used most often in the house so it needs to be easy to access.

We have a stand-alone Wesco Push-Boy bin which looks fantastic. However we really need a recycling bin and I think if you have the chance then building it into your units is the best option. It keeps your kitchen a little more neat and tidy.


Make sure you plan enough storage for your kitchen. A mix of open storage and cabinets work well. If you’re not naturally tidy and have the time to keep on top of things then just focusing on upper and lower cabinets may be your best bet. I particularly like the two-toned cabinet trend.

We’re forever battling with storage space in our kitchen. We don’t have any upper cabinets which frankly loos quite odd. We’re planning to add some wooden shelves in the coming months to help balance out the room.

Thanks to Tuffx Glass for sponsoring this post.