7 Things That Made Me Happy Last Week

It’s been ages since I shared a post about the things that have been making me happy. I started writing this one last night but never managed to finish it. So, here it is!

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Visiting my grandma for her 90th birthday but more specifically, watching her hold X’s hand and dashing back for an extra hug before leaving. She has dementia and as you probably know, it’s a very cruel disease. I’ll talk more about it soon.

Putting up all of our extra fairy lights for Christmas.

Popping into the new Street Food Chef and trying the new Pulled Pork BBQ and Fennel sauce burrito. OMG, it’s delicious and probably my new favourite burrito. If you’re in Sheffield make sure you check out their new Express Store in Orchard Square.

Finally getting hold of Oatly Barista for my morning coffees.

Noticing just how soft my baby’s hands are. He always strokes my arm as he falls asleep and I can’t get over how soft and perfect his little hands are.

Visiting L for a quick coffee and cake. It was a short but much needed catch up before Christmas.

My first glass of mulled wine this season at Phil’s Christmas party.

I’d love to know about the things that have been making you happy over the last couple of weeks.