10 Things I loved about the newborn bubble

Once we were home from the hospital (here is my birth story) we were straight into the newborn bubble and I LOVED IT. It can be exhausting at times and hard work but anything worth doing usually is.

There were many things I loved about the newborn bubble but that overall feeling of contentment was just so special. It was something I hadn’t felt before and I was ready to soak it all up.

First Mothers day

10 Things I loved about the newborn bubble:

That cosy hazy feeling that made me forget about everything outside of our little family. Nothing else mattered and it was a truly wonderful feeling.

The way X would fall asleep on my chest everyday. It was the place he felt safest and can you blame him? He’d spent 9 months listening to my heartbeat so he needed that to feel ‘at home’.

The warmth of skin to skin. It’s the best feeling and I did it as much as possible. It was relaxing for me, helped to calm and soothe X and was such a lovely way for us to bond together.

Ordering packs of tiny vests and other bits and bobs during night feeds. Late night shopping has got to be the best, especially as things pretty much arrive the next day with Prime.

While we’re on the theme of night feeds there’s something so special about them. It feels as though it’s just you and your little bundle of joy against the world. Yes, it can be tiring but that comes hand in hand with becoming a parent.

Knowing that X couldn’t roll or move from the middle of the bed. I’d dress him in a tiny vest and sleep-suit and then place him in the middle of the bed while I did my hair. Now, it’s a very different story, he won’t sit down for more than a couple of seconds.

I go through phases with TV and often turn to YouTube first. However, I managed to get through a lot of reality shows in Xander’s early days and I loved it. I had to wake him to feed every two hours and I’d often use that time to watch Selling Sunset and Million Dollar Listing. If he fell asleep on me, which he usually did, I’d be blissfuly unable to move and would watch a few shows from my phone.

Everyone would bring me plates of Marmite on toast, glasses of water and cups of tea. My mum stayed with us for a few days and each morning she’d have breakfast and tea ready to go, just what I needed after a night of feeding X.

Opening my phone to find that it was full of photos and videos of our new little baby. To be honest, it’s still the same.

I loved that our house was full of the most beautiful flowers, its’ never looked as bright and cheerful as it did then.

I’m sure there are many more wonderful things about the newborn bubble but I’ll leave it at that today. Those were 10 of my favourite things about those first couple of weeks with little baby X.