Making the Most of Your Urban Garden

This guest post is a collaboration.

Making the Most of Your Urban Garden

Urban gardens are often small, and lacking space to do much in. This shouldn’t be a barrier in creating an outdoor space which is scenic, relaxing and useful. There is a lot you can do with little space, and here are just a few tips for making the most of your urban garden. 

Making the Space Appear Larger

There are plenty of easy tips for making any space appear larger. The colour scheme of your garden can influence how big it looks, so try to stay clear of too many dark colours. You can also find mirrors that are water-resistant, which can be used to create a larger sense of space and reflect the sunlight into shady areas of the garden. When decorating your garden, try to use a similar theme to the inside of your home. This can almost “blur” the lines between the two, tricking your brain into thinking the space is larger. 

Consider Artificial Grass

Living in a shady suburban area can limit the growth of grass and cause an unpleasant garden that you simply don’t feel like relaxing in. For busy folk who don’t want to be constantly tending to a garden, artificial grass is a fantastic alternative. Artificial grass lets you make a garden anywhere, including terraces and balconies that are above ground. Whilst wooden flooring can look good, often your space becomes brighter and feels more like a garden when you add artificial grass. 

Create an Outdoor Living Area

Often, outdoor spaces aren’t utilised to their full potential and in the UK, this is particularly down to poor weather. Urban areas can often be rainy, making it difficult to spend time outdoors and people shy away from wanting to purchase outdoor furniture. There are two ways to combat this; one being to create an outdoor room or to use a terrace roof to protect the outdoor space. Terrace roofs are a great alternative to other forms of covering for your garden, as they can be retractable. 

This means that when the sun is out, you can get the full benefit of it and when the rain comes, you can simply put the roof back up to protect your items and to remain outside. Just look for a reputable company with plenty of experience in installation before you buy. For example, the terrace roofs from Nationwide are made from aluminium so will remain in good condition for years after installation. This terrace roof provider also has the option of glass walls and screens, to cover the whole outdoor area. 


Some people prefer to split their garden into separate areas for separate functions. This can make your urban garden appear larger, as long as you are careful with how you utilise the space and how much furniture and how many plants you add. Consider a relaxation place with a water feature, a place to garden and a place to relax and eat with family and friends. 

Plant a Windowsill Garden

If there isn’t the space to plant flowers, don’t fret, windowsill gardens can be just as effective and still offer the option of growing your own food or flowers. You can find windowsill plant potters in any garden centre. There are certain vegetables and herbs that flourish in these small containers, such as peppers, tomatoes, chillies, chives, mint and thyme. 

Be sure to choose the window which sees the most sunlight to get the best growth from your produce. You will be surprised how much more you appreciate your food and nature more once you begin taking the time to grow your own food, especially if this is a new experience for yourself. Being in an urban area shouldn’t prevent you from growing at least some fresh produce. 

Try Vertical Planters

If you would like to add more greenery to your space but don’t have the room, consider creating your very own living wall. You can make a living wall with pretty much any colour scheme and style that you prefer, and adding climbers will ensure your living wall continues to expand year after year. This is a fantastic way to be creative and get handy with old items that can be used as planters for the wall. If you need inspiration, you will find plenty on apps such as Instagram and Pinterest. 

Less Is More

In a small urban garden, it isn’t about how much you can fit in it, but how you can make the space look incredible with as little as possible. Any good designer knows that often, less is more. Follow the above tips and try to make a space that is useful for you and makes you feel at peace when you step outside. Gardens are an extension of our homes and many people don’t see it this way. Look after it well and you will enjoy spending time outside a lot more. 

Your urban garden can become an oasis of tranquillity and peace with the right know-how and passion to do so. Remember, the weather shouldn’t stop you from making the most of your outdoor space.