8 Small Businesses To Order From on Sheffield’s City Grab

I’ve been meaning to write a post about all my favourite places to order from on City Grab for ages. It hasn’t happened because life with a toddler has been pretty hectic (but fun) over the last few months.

You can download the app for iPhone Android Website

Let me give you a quick overview of the brand/app for anyone who doesn’t know.


City Grab is a food delivery app based here in Sheffield. It was created and run by City Taxis, the UK’s 3rd largest independent taxi provider no less. It’s packed full of independent businesses ranging from takeaways, bakeries and restaurants to kids toys, soap makers and local farm shops. It’s an easy way to shop, eat and support the local economy.

Before I get into the list of places you must try on City Grab please note that there are SO MANY fantastic takeaways, restaurants, shops and more on the app and it’s worthwhile following the City Grab accounts on social media to get a real feel for everything they offer.

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I’m writing this post because I LOVE the app. We’ve been using since it launched it March and it has been so handy during both lockdowns to keep us supplied with good food, groceries and even better, to discover new restaurants that we’d never tried before. You all know I love supporting small businesses and if you’re in Sheffield then this is such a good way of getting involved.

8 Small Businesses To Order From on Sheffield’s City Grab

Qashqai Kitchen

I guarantee you that Persian food is about to have a moment over the next year or so. I mean, anyone who knows about Persian food already knows that it is excellent but I think it’s going to become a little more mainstream. Trust me.

I have been eating at Qashqai ever since I moved to Sheffield. Their food is some of the best Persian food I’ve had and they’ve never let me down.

Think slow cooked lamb, delicous kebabs, beautifully light and fluffy rice and the best ghormeh sabzi in town – if you know, you know.

Street Food Chef

A sheffield classic serving up delicious Mexican street food.

They’ve switched things up for lockdown and are offering an Express Buritto which means you get your tortilla filled with rice, cheese and a main filling anf then the salad, salsa and sour cream are on the outside. This helps to keep everything fresh upon arrival at your home. They also have sets of nachos and tacos, plates, drinks and desserts.

Phil always picks the same thing each time – large pulled pork burrito with extra guacamole and habanero hot. I like to switch things up but often pick a plate over a burrito and switch between the pulled pork and the courgette and mushroom mole.

You can never go wrong with Street Food Chef, I promise.


Ashoka is Sheffield’s oldest Indian restaurant. It’s a traditional Indian resturant selling tandoor and classic curry dishes.

Everyone knows about it.

Everyone except us. It has to be one of our very best discoveries of lockdown. Why didn’t anyone tell us about it before?

The food is always fresh and bursting with flavour. Their curries are honestly my all-time favourites. Phil wants me to point out that he never gets a ‘curry-hangover’ when he eats from Ashoka.

We always pick their classic Karamelised Kashmiri, Taxi Driver Curry and then switch it up with something that we haven’t tried. Everything we have picked has always been a winner. We spend ages trying to pick our third dish each time and I can’t wait to order from them again soon.

You won’t want to go anywhere else once you’ve tried their Karamelised Kashmiri.

The Little Snack Bar

This is THE place to order your bubble tea and bento from. This was another happy lockdown discovery for us.

The spice-salt chicken is my favourite and Phil usually goes for the pork belly. When it comes to bubble tea I can usually find it a bit too sweet but the peach iced tea with no added sugar and popping balls is so good on a hot day.


If you’re looking for dessert and like fresh hot cookie dough then this is the place to order from.

They have lots of flavour options, you really have to check out the app to see them all. To give you an idea, think Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Reeces Peanut Butter Cups, Crunchie, Almond Orange & Dark Chocolate and many many more.

They also have vegan options inluding Dark Chocolate & Ginger as well as good old Lotus Biscoff.

Firepit Rocks

I don’t know much about FirePit Rocks but it’s basically an American Sports bar selling burgers, nachos, wings, fries and lots more. It’s a very full menu in the app with lots to choose from.

We’ve only ordered from here a couple of times but their nachos are bomb. SO SO GOOD. The tortilla chips are insanely addictive and you can get them loaded with pulled pork, chilli or all the cheeses.

Moss Valley Fine Meats

A local farm shop selling pork, bacon, ham and sausages.

Phil has orderd from here a good few times since March and the quality is a world of difference from the supermarkets.

PJ Taste

We’ve ordered many times from here over the last 9 months. PJ Taste are a catering company who have made a few changes to adapt to the current times.

They have a huge list up on the app including groceries, alcohol, pre-made meals, Our Cow Molly ice cream, Sheffield Honey, deli treats and much more.

I will try to pop back into this post later on and add a few more places.