Empowering Healthier And Happier Students With Novel Student – Interview

At long last there’s a new style of student accommodation in town. Novel Student offer luxury student accommodation with a focus on mental health and wellbeing in Sheffield, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

They have dedicated workspaces, entertainment areas and aim to give students a healthier and happier university experience.

I truly wish something like this had existed when I went to university, perhaps I would have had a much more positive experience.

Today’s interview takes a closer look at Novel Student accommodation as well as offering advice on how parents can help their children’s mental health during the pandemic.

Tell us more around Novel Students and what you’re about?

Novel Student is a new provider of student accommodation with a clear vision to create a new standard.

Led by the understanding that our university years are truly character defining, we are building spaces that help students grow and evolve. Which is why each part of the Novel offering, from our wellness facilities to attentive service, has been designed with one thing in mind – to create communities of healthier happier students.

What can parents do to support their children going back to University after holiday periods?

2020 has certainly been a strange year for students, and with current national restrictions disrupting the normal pattern of a swift post Christmas return to campus, we suspect students will be potentially feeling more disorientated. With a potential extension on their time at home for Christmas, it will be even more pivotal that students are able to continue their studies whilst at home, helping to ensure that they are not overwhelmed with deadlines upon their return to campus. 

Parents can support their children’s online learning by encouraging a positive attitude around studying at home, whilst also being mindful that they are likely to be feeling a lot of pressure and so ensuring that they balance this learning with plenty of relaxing study breaks.

What does Novel Student offer to support University students during difficult periods?

Novel Student are committed to the health and wellbeing of their students. We offer a range of wellness services including events such as meditation and yoga and providing dedicated areas for calm and relaxation, with our wellness studios providing students with a place to unwind from the hectic pace of everyday life. We also host motivational talks from inspiring individuals, including advice from influencers on our journal. Such as a recent piece from mental health warrior Andrew Wheatcroft for World Mental Health Day. and Jess Mackenzie, a pioneer of self love and acceptance. 

We believe even just for students to know that these events and opportunities are open to them, it encourages the knowledge that they are never alone and that there is always someone to talk to. 

Overall we understand that the expectations on young people are greater than ever. Which is why we offer students a place where they can feel at home and be themselves, with no added stress.

Can you tell us more around Novel Student developments in general? 

Novel students’ developments are quite literally like no other. Offering dry bars, cinema rooms, digital gaming rooms, rooftop terraces, karaoke bars and even glam rooms. 

Our outstanding services are exceptionally unique for students, with offerings such as free weekday grab and go breakfast, as well as in-apartment washer-dryers, alongside our passion for creating positive and happy student communities. 

Any advice on how students can prepare to return back to accommodation?

It is likely that most Universities will be following the staggered returns back after the holiday period. Therefore, it may mean a much longer break than usual. We advise for all students to take the pressure off diving right back into work/their old routine. Take some time to set some goals for the year, ensure to keep connected with home/friends and try to see it as a fresh new year filled with opportunity.  

Finally, do you have any advice for students studying online whilst at home?

By now, a lot of students will have had to adapt to online learning to some extent. For those who still struggle to remain focused when studying at home, Novel Students recently produced a blog offering some top tips on remaining focused when studying online. 

Studying at home when your used to studying in your accommodation/University can be tricky. We advise:

  • Find a quiet spot if possible where you work in every day. 
  • Create a healthy routine on the days you’re working. 
  • Ensure to take plenty of breaks. 
  • Try to get early nights the night before you know you will be working. 
  • Don’t pile on the pressure with how much you do in one day. Make it achievable so you feel satisfied at the end of the day. 

For more information around Novel Student:

Website: https://novelstudent.com/ 

Social Handles: Instagram. Facebook.