5 Personal Goals for August 2021

I planned to start writing this blog post on 1st August but here we are on the 5th. I’m not one to be put off by a late start date, especially now that I have a toddler, so we’re rolling with it.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to set a goal at the start of the month or first day of the week. Smash down the barriers that you keep putting up for yourself and get started today.

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This month I have 5 small goals that I will be focusing on and aiming to complete by the 31st August. My current goals are focused around self-development and self-care as that’s the headspace I’m currently in. As always, I’m sharing my summer goals here on PGT to keep myself accountable and, to hopefully inspire you to set some summer goals.

5 Personal Goals for August 2021

Complete my ebook

That’s right, I’m finally writing an ebook and I can’t wait to share it with you. I hope to finish the final copy of this by the end of the month. The next steps in September will be to refine the book layout and begin the path towards launching the book.

Move more

As it stands I move a lot. I have a two year old who I’m always running after and we tend to clock over 10,000 steps a day. However I’m really keen to push myself this month. Not necessarily in regards to my step count but more in terms of cardio workouts. I want to run but I don’t particularly enjoy doing that unless it’s on a treadmill so I have got back into doing YouTube workouts and skipping.

Visit new places in Cambridge

I have an ever-growing list of parks I’d like to visit in Cambridge. My list is mostly made up of parks and National Trust places because anything indoors is just too busy in the summer holidays. Not all of the places on my list are big grand events, many are just small local parks. We’ve already made a start on our list by visiting 2 parks this month.

Morning pages

This is a daily practice where you simply write a stream of consciousness over 3 pages. In my own version I simply put pen to paper or more usually, finger to phone keyboard and type. I don’t always do it in the morning I just find 10 minutes in the day where I can type.

There are no rules when it comes to what you should write. You just write about whatever is in your head.

Get started, trust the process and keep writing ’til you’re ready to start.

I find this is a good way to get any excess thoughts out of my head. It’s also good to pinpoint the things that are worrying me or the things i’m really excited about.

Declutter one thing a day

When we moved in we unpacked everything very quickly. While this was good and got all of the boxes out of our house there are a lot of things I want to change. For example, I want to switch out the tea cupboard to another place, I plan to label the jars we have and of course, we still have some Really Useful Boxes filled with really useless things.

If I look and think about all the things I want to change, charity and upload to Ebay then it just won’t happen. So, I am currently tackling one job a day. On some days that might be to arrange one square of our Kallax and on other days it could be re-arranging the layout of a room.

I’m keeping it simple and sticking to one task a day to avoid getting totally overwhelmed.