5 Tips And Tricks For Decorating Your Home With Flowers

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might already know that I love flowers, especially during the spring and summer months. Today’s post is in collaboration with Bouqs and is all about decorating your home with flowers. I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to leave a comment, letting us know how you plan to decorate your home with flowers this summer. 

So, without further ado, here are some tips and tricks I’d like to share with you when decorating your home with flowers:

Florist at work: woman shows how to make beautiful floral arrangement with tulip and carnation flowers. Easter home decoration. Step by step, tutorial.

1. Choose Flowers That Reflect Your Personality 

Do you believe that flowers have their own way of speaking to you, in such a way that you can somehow connect to them?  It’s like having an instant connection because certain blooms have the extraordinary power to reflect your personality. This is definitely true and applicable when choosing flowers with which you can decorate your home. 

Roses, for instance, are for individuals who are classy, romantic, and passionate. Roses of any colour (although red significantly stands out from the rest) have always been a symbol of enduring love and affection for someone. On the other hand, people who love carnations are believed to be more practical, simple, and down to earth. The ruffled petals of carnations seem to signify the level-headedness of a person, as well as their simple yet amazing style.

 2. Try Japanese Flower Arrangement  

If you’re looking for trendier and out-of-the-box floral decoration ideas for your home, ikebana might make the cut. This Japanese art of arranging flowers was first used hundreds of years ago, and it seems to be making the rage nowadays. With its literal translation that says ‘flowers kept alive,’ ikebana pays delicate attention to the entire arrangement process, including the vase or container where you plan on putting the blooms. 

Some would get confused and ask how Japanese flower arrangement differs from the other usual kinds. To start with, ikebana has basic principles that you can’t easily spot on other arrangements, including minimalism, spatial dimensions, colour, harmony, asymmetry, ephemeral (to stimulate strong feelings), and wabi-sabi or the emotional responses to nature or art. The most commonly used flowers in ikebana are flowering plum, freesia, bird of paradise, gladiola, carnation, hawthorn, rose, eucalyptus, and daffodil.

3. Always Keep Flowers Fresh  

One trick to keep the floral arrangements in your home fragrant and radiant is to always make sure they are fresh. Although you can’t stop them from wilting and eventually losing their appeal, you can do something to at least prolong their life and freshness. One thing to remember is to always cut the stems of the flowers before placing them in water. 

If you bought the flowers from a local florist, they might already be cut, but you should still remember to clip the stems after less than a week. Doing so will let fresh water get into the stems. And, then, don’t forget to change the water every couple of days. The container should also be of the right size to ensure that the clipped stems won’t be cramped or crowded inside.

4. Consider Proper Placement  

Knowing the perfect place for your arrangement also matters. If you like to make a nice entrance for anyone who might drop by, putting an arrangement just outside your front door is a great idea. Upon entering the door, visitors will be in awe as soon as they’re greeted with gorgeous and colorful flowers elegantly displayed in the hallway. Warm colors should do wonders, including pink, yellow, and orange blooms. This combination is definitely one great way to welcome summer into your home, or any other season, for that matter. 

Fresh flowers can brighten any room or space in an instant, but if you want to cover up the usual kitchen smell, you can place some over your countertops and sinks as well. And, don’t forget to decorate your living room with fresh cuts, too. They’d look quite perfect near your shelves, on top of coffee tables, and even on your walls. Lastly, the bathroom can also be adorned with fresh-smelling flowers that are stunningly arranged in a tall and lovely vase.

5. Match Your Décor  

Matching your decor with fresh flowers is also another exciting way to up the ante of your flower arrangements at home. You could start by choosing the right colours of flowers that’ll match the colour scheme of your interior. Others prefer to make bolder statements by picking flowers that stand out from the colour scheme of their home, such as going for yellow flowers if the walls are dominantly purple or blue. The contrast makes it perfectly imperfect, thus, creating a striking effect.

For décor styles that are more of a traditional or country style, you can go for pastel-coloured flowers. If you have patterned accessories and furniture, a mixed bouquet might just be the missing piece to complete your living room decoration.


Flowers are easily notorious for making any space more colourful, livable, and just simply beautiful. That’s why they’re the perfect accent for decorating your home, no matter the season. Try these tips and tricks now, and let me know how it went!