Monday 8/11/21 – A new goal for the week

This week I want to do something different.

I want to do something that used to bring me so much joy.

Actually, it’s something I still do. It’s something that still brings me joy, just not in the same way.

I want to start taking my big camera out.

It may sound like such a simple thing but since my baby became a toddler I haven’t been reaching for my big camera all that much. My little boy loves walking and running around and just isn’t interested in sitting in his pram. So I’ve spent more time taking photos on my phone because it was much easier to carry around. I love the photos I take with my phone, the quality is fantastic. However, I want, no, I need, the challenge of using my Canon again.

So, my goal for this week, starting tomorrow morning, is to document my days. I want to take out my ‘big‘ camera, find the nearest lens and work with whatever that may be for the rest of the week. Perhaps I’ll stick with the same lens throughout the month or maybe I’ll switch it up.

Who knows.

I’m rushing ahead….as usual.

The first goal is to do this for one week and then I’ll decide what the next step is. I’ll keep track of this with a daily blog post – I think this is the most ambitious part of the goal. I’ll also update over on Twitter and Instagram.

I want to get back into taking photos on my camera everyday and not just on my iPhone. I want to share my love of photography with my son and I especially want him to see me trying old (and new) hobbies over the coming months.

I don’t expect this to be easy because it’s a heavy camera, especially when you have to keep track of a tiny human and all his favourite diggers. I do love a challenge though.