Dairy Free Daisy Podcast Update

It doesn’t feel like long ago that I was telling you about the launch of the Dairy Free Daisy podcast and now we’re 15 episodes in. I’m really enjoying the process of recording the podcast and have lots of useful and exciting episodes coming in the next few weeks.

We now upload a new podcast episode on a fortnightly schedule which I find works well for me. I’m super lucky to work alongside Connor Plant Digital for this podcast. He originally helped me to ensure I had all the equipment I needed, knew how to work everything. He now joins in on episodes, ensures recording is up to scratch and then edits and uploads each episode. This ensures everything runs super smoothly.

Some of my personal favourites episodes:

Every month we share a Dairy Free News update – here is the latest

Diving into living a dairy free life on a budget – Listen to the budgeting episode

Unexpected dairy hiding in your favourite products – discover hidden dairy in everyday products

If there are any specific dairy free topics you’d like me to discuss on the podcast then just let me know on here or over on Instagram/TikTok. Both of these social channels are ones that I update daily with product reviews, recipes and vlogs of what I’m eating throughout the day.