Another New Chapter: Expecting Baby 2

Baby number 2 is nearly here!

I’m now well into my final month of pregnancy. It’s all gone by very quickly compared to the first time ’round with baby, or should I say, little boy X. I guess that could be because I’m chasing after a very active little boy for most of my days and trying to balance that with some kind of work and home organisation or perhaps it’s the time of year. I think it’s probably the latter. My first pregnancy was throughout winter but this time it was over the summer months. Who knows really, but I’m thankful to have reached this stage and can’t wait to meet baby boy 2.

It only feels like a couple of months ago that we were in those early days of waiting to get to the all important 3 month mark and now we’re just a matter of weeks away from meeting out second little boy. Those early months were more tense than in my first pregnancy because last summer I experienced a miscarriage (here’s a brief post about that) and to be totally honest with you it was something I hadn’t even really thought about during my first pregnancy. This time all naivety was out of the window.

I’m so excited about everything that is to come but also a little apprehensive about how my little boy’s world is about to change. I know he’ll be a wonderful and caring big brother but I also know there will be a transition period. It already upsets me that I can’t currently pick him up to carry him like I used to and he can no longer drape himself across me like before but with time I know that will change again.

This pregnancy has been really different to my first but as with my first I’ve enjoyed it just the same. I have so many blog posts to catch up on this week but I’m sure I’ll be back with more pregnancy stories, trimester updates and some of my favourite pregnancy related products.