My word of the year – 2023

I’m finally back with a series of new year posts. I know we’re nearing the end of Jan but that’s okay, we’re taking things slow around here.

If you’ve been reading here for a while then you’ll know I love setting goals, a word for the year, creating vision boards and all that other motivational stuff. As the years have gone by it’s become a habit over Christmas and one I really enjoy. 

This year I’ve spent some time working on the Year Compass – free to download which makes a nice change and I’ve got 3 key goals ready to go. I usually set 12 small goals for the year and pick one to work on each month but I don’t think I’ll be doing that this time. Last years goals went really well, especially when it came to learning to fall asleep earlier and embracing the positive impact of doing morning pages. This year I’ll simply be setting a goal each month as I go along and if I don’t feel like having a goal for the month I wont, For example, for January I’m simply trying to get into the habit of moving more and getting as many light workouts in as I can. This has gone pretty well and I hope to continue with that in Feb.

Anyway, the point of todays post is to share my word of the year. I know some people might eye roll at this but I find it really motivational and it helps me to be intentional throughout the year. 

I pick my word for the year by reflecting on the previous years, looking at my goals for the year ahead and then finding the word that will connect and push me forward. Ideally the word will guide me throughout the year ahead and most importantly, help me to make decisions.

This year my word of the year is presence. 

I often think ahead about what I want to do and achieve and while I don’t plan to stop doing that I do plan to be more focused on the present moment.

I want to be present with my boys. There are many ways I plan to do this. One example is that I plan to prep our evening meal in the morning, where I can, so that I don’t have the mad chaotic rush around 5 because I’ve had no chance to get it started. I often put the tv on at this point and then there’s this mad sensory overload for everyone because there’s so much going on. This is something that happens a lot and I really want to focus on getting those evening meals prepped in the morning so that I can have a slow and relaxed evening with my boys. 

I want to be present when I’m with my partner. We’re both very work and hobby focused so we have to schedule in time to do things together. I’d like to make sure we are intentional about going to new places, cooking together and starting a joint hobby.

I think I’ll share a full post on all the ways i’d like to be more present this year. But in short, i’d simply like to put my phone down, worry less about the mess and enjoy the now.