10th March 2023 – Implementing New Routines

I need to implement some new routines so instead of thinking it over and over in my head I thought I’d sit down at my laptop (while I have the chance) and write out my thoughts. I always find that by posting things here on my blog I hold myself accountable.

Since the new year we’ve all been fighting off colds and then my pre-schooler had Chicken Pox which meant we were spending a lot of time at home and as I’m typing this my 4 month old is well into a few days of Chicken Pox. So, I’ve been feeling more tired over the last week or so which I haven’t felt since those early few days in hospital with baby C. I’ve stopped exercising daily, I’m hit and miss with how well I’m eating and I could do with a bit less screen time. Then the weather has really sucked. It’s been extremely cold and this morning there was even a little snow. I wish the snow would commit so I could at least take X out to build a snowman but right now it’s just bitterly cold and grey. So, we’re all really looking forward to brighter days in spring and the warmer days of summer.

Anyway, all of the colds etc are in hand but to do my best for the people around me I must be the best version of myself. So, what does that involve? Well, I want to start with the basics and once those are in hand we can take a closer look into the things I want, need and like to do to ensure I’m the best version of myself each day.

So, some of the things I’ll be implementing over the weekend and into next week are as follows:

Exercise – I was doing really well in January and Feb but towards the end of last month I slowed right down with it all and over the last week I’ve just been too tired to get on my bike. So my plan is to get back on my spin bike each day and that will be starting today. I’m not putting the pressure on, I’ll simply be aiming for a 15 minute class at the very least. I need it both for my physical and mental health at the moment. Exercising each day really has a big impact on my wellbeing and can change a flat day right around.

Drinking more water – I fall in and out of the habit of drinking lots of water and at the moment with breastfeeding it’s something I really need to be keeping on top of. This morning I filled up my big Camelbak with water and have been making my way through it. I’ve also been drinking a digestion/sleepy tea every evening since last Sunday which I’m finding is a nice way to end the evening.

Smaller portions – I’m in a habit of eating really big portions and it needs to stop. So, when I saw an offer for 70% off Gousto boxes I had to give it a try. It’s been years since we used them and for roughly £12 for 5 meals I couldn’t say no. So far we’re really enjoying all of the meals we picked and being able to see the calories per meal has been extremely useful while still being able to cook from scratch. They also have an excellent range of dairy free options now which I feel has improved significantly from when we last used them. I’ve linked my referral link incase anyone fancies enjoying 70% off too.

Porridge – Porridge is not my favourite breakfast. I’d much rather have Marmite on toast but my bread consumption is out of control so to wind that in I started to have porridge again. I’ve been using this Bio&Me porridge and it’s really nice. I’d like to keep up having porridge for breakfast with maybe a change every few days for eggs on toast.

Extra skincare – This cold weather is really drying my skin out. I’m pretty good with my morning and night routine, you have to be when you have dry and eczema prone skin. However, it’s not enough. So, I’ve started to put extra oil over my body each evening before bed. I use Bio Oil or this Aveeno oil at night and this Aveeno spray in the morning.

These all may seem like simple things and they are but they are the very basics I need to be doing to ensure I’m taking care of myself.