A pink kitchen to cook blue cupcakes please…

I would like to thank everyone for their comments on my blog, it is so pleasing to wake up to new comments. It also lets me explore more of your blogs which i love to do !

I finish work on Saturday,where I work they have an amazing kitchen in the show room and Im not a huge fan of the colour pink ( although whilst writing this I do have pink nails) but I do have my girly days:

I will add some more photos of this kitchen when I get home as I have some better ones. But it is amazing. The work top is glittery and the pink kitchen itself also comes in other fantastic colours like baby blue, orange, purple and many more. It is more eye catching than anything.

Oh it was so dull today, so I decided to wear a summer skirt to work to make things a little more colourful.

The photo was taken when I was at the beach a while ago, The skirt is from Topshop.

Last night I went over to Manchester to watch the Jeremy Kyle show, I dont normally watch it at home but my friend had some spare tickets. Tacky and cheap, yes I know but it was free and actually really fun. Not quite the Springer show though.

I love to see all behind the scenes of everything, television, film, jobs ! I also love hearing about how people got the jobs they are in and what they do and such, like a job profile. Oh yes I also go off on a tangent pretty often.

So any how, Jeremy Kyle – He is actually really funny and nice.┬áIf you do not know what The Jeremy Kyle show is about then here you go – The link gives you a good idea on the show and also the criticism that has surrounded it. This is my little explanation – Guests come on to the show in an attempt to work out their personal issues. Very much like The Jerry Springer show and all the other similar style shows. The set of the show was very small in relation to how it looks on the television. Also you could tell that there will be a lot of editing for when the actual show is aired. If you are in Manchester though it can be a fun, free and interesting experience.

I did enjoy seeing the cameramen/women at work and the stage crew.

Also to those of you who read my blog -do you go to school, college, uni ? or do you work? It would be nice to know what you do !

daisy xx