The rainy days are coming

Why we really are sad when weather’s bad

Rain is not the most ideal thing, but living in England means that I have realised I am not going to get away from it any time soon. So I am getting myself ready for chilly days (which I love to dress for) and the rain (which I find a little harder). Converse don’t work well in the rain.

First on my list for winter was some everyday boots which I got the other week. It was between these ones from Topshop:

and these ones below which I got from Barrets (£65.00). I do not normally go into there but these ones were very comfy and a little cheaper and also seemed to be better quality than the Topshop ones. I have not had very good experience with Office and Topshop boots, other items of clothing and shoes have been good but for some reason I have not done well with their boots.

I also have my diary ready for back to uni :

I decided to go for this pretty and simple diary for this year which is from Paperchase.