Im back…. for now

Hello, I have a day off uni today so I am at work using the internet. Here is a collection of a few photos from the past few weeks…
This hat is from H&M.
Bed socks – so fulffy and warm, I live in them.
I made some scones the other day .. I really want to get back into cooking and baking.
This is a very unusual book. I shall put up some of the things in and and have a go at making some. They are all very natural and organic meals and snacks as well so it should add to the hope of being healthy.
It is nice when I do not have to search and search to find a copy of Nylon. I still have not fully read it.

I also stocked up with some Calvin Klein tights. One pack is plain black and the other have a small pattern on. These are the best tights ever they never fall down and last for ages. I used to buy primark tights week in week out. But since I started using CK there has been no going back.
I also have some new Betsey Johnson tights and socks – photos soon!
At last I have my camera back, I have never been so happy to have it in my hands once again ! I have been reading my old photography magazines as I have not got any new ones in the past few months. I also want to learn how to use photo shop really well. Does anyone know any good books or websites which maybe help?!
I am really enjoying the new Oasis album. It is very different from their older albums. A totally new sound of theirs.
I managed to get Monster for £3.00 which I have never watched all the way through and also The Darjeeling Limited for £5.00. I shall give you reviews when I have had chance to watch them.
I went to see The Mighty Boosh in my home town with my sister, mum and cousins. I loved every second of it and as it was in my local town it was a very small venue ! I got myself a t-shirt after which is colourful as you can tell above. The skirt is from gap
Does anyone else like The Mighty Boosh?
A band I love is : The Kinks – Here are two songs You may or may not like.