With internet – there is lots to say….

These are my boots from Aldo. Well they WERE my boots. I had to take them back as they were coming apart at the front and for £70 i was not very happy !

Guess what! They do not have any more of these boots, nor in a different colour. They also can not order me any in at all. They ere their best sellers and are now not selling them !!!

I am now on the hunt for another pair as these were so comfy and amazing in the rain!

Betsey Johnson tights and socks ! These are both from TKMAX but i thought they were fun they were £6.00 each.

They are now selling at Urban outfitters about £12 a pair i think !

I shall now get onto making some interesting posts ready!

PS- Why not try this quiz, its a bit confusing at first:

Japanese IQ Test

im back 🙂