A quick blog – Are we really individual or not?!

I was sitting in my Critical Consumption Studies lesson thinking how I was actually enjoying one of my courses, the lesson was about fashion.

” Why do we love things” being the lecture….

Toward the end of the lecture after talking about the reasons for fashion existing , fashion history and such and my teacher spoke of a few things which got me thinking….

“If you have enough money you can look however you want”
and also

“Fashion can not really be ‘individual’ – clothes are massed produced and fashion is always copied – so therefor is not individual”

Photo from the BBC website.

I am not sure I agree with this, or at least to an extent. However I have seen so many bloggers as well as people on the streets who stand out with their “fashion”. Not all fashion is based around music, although I do realise a lot is and it has such a close connection.

Yes a lot of clothes may be mass produced and yes there is the ‘trickle down’ effect. This is where it’s seen that “fashion prelocates to the lower orders from the leisure class”. However I do feel that fashion can be expressed by so many emotions and in so many ways.

I also understand what is meant by ” if you have enough money you can look how you want” But i believe that this is not “true” fashion. Maybe I will be add a little more too this blog later as i do not have time now !

This post is a little messy and not well thought out, im sorry. I am in the middle of lots of essays but i just wanted to throw the two remarks my teahcer made out there, to see what all you individual fashion loving bloggers think !

I myself do not agree with either of the statements made ! 🙂