My Saturday

I set out wearing my little gold pumps to meet my mum and grandma for the day.
We went for breakfast at a place I really do love, Pop Boutique!
The cups don’t match and the breakfast is delightful – what more could you want?
They also sell 50’s/60’s/70’s furniture, toys, clothes and shoes. They also have beautiful dresses, I will show you a few I purchased in my next post. Actually, you should be able to find one of them in a previous post.
I have been here for three years, maybe four and I have never had the chance to pop into the Royal Exchange. Inside it’s so pretty, I have to go back and take more photos, maybe even watch a play!
An early Christmas present came my way.
When I have the heating on lots my skin tends to become very dry.
Hopefully these three little gems will make me better! The one in the middle is Bi-serum, which you put on once a day
if not twice depending on how dry your skin is. Your normal cream and make-up can go on soon after and it really helps to
hydrate your skin.
And of course some handy little samples !