The little girl has moved away..

No longer will I be sitting in front of the fire with the cat, doing uni work and day dreaming. I decided to move back here and live in the city where all my friends are. It will be easier for getting to uni and having lots of fun.

I will miss home, I always do when I go back to uni but here I am. This is my unmade bedroom. I will post photos when I have sorted it out. I am sharing with four other girls whom I have not met as of yet.Im a little nervous.


I found a group on flickr: Makeup World! !
It is full of lovely photos related to make up ! Some photos can give you lots of new ideas, others are just pretty to look at.
Which led me to find the following photographer, I love the photos.

I love this photo and there are lots more amazing photos – This is by : La Caitlin

I also found this photo interesting. This girl really does have a lot of makeup!

Photo by: Lissie Loo

daisy x