Two new beauty buys…

In the photo below are my two new buys this week.

One of the girls who works on the departement practically sat me on the stool and quizzed me about make up. I am really glad she did as I found YourebelLite ! It has Aloe Vera in it and is a tinted moisturiser which is very lite on the skin and smells lovely.

She also mixed it with soemthing called “bad gal” which gives your skin a healthy glow and a little sparkle.I was also going to buy this when I went back into town but with a £5.00 voucher off No.7 products I went for theirs so ended up only paying about £6.00.

Oh and one other thing about this lovely combo is that it can hide any dark circles around your eyes. If you are a bad sleeper like me you will know how dark circles can be such a pain.

My little pumpkin !

Oh and of course I had to have a chocolate apple ! Yum!

My aim and plan for this week ( other than getting well again ) is to get some of outfit pictures up !