I decided that after i finish uni (end of May eeek) I want to apply for jobs but lso try to find a photography course. It’s what i’ve always wanted to do, now is a good time to follow that dream!
Does anyone know any good courses in the UK?

I sometimes take photos at clubs. I often end up taking off my shoes and climbing all over the chairs and speakers. Luckily I haven’t fallen off anything yt. 

I sometimes get a little sleepy, nothing another whisky wont fix though. 
I always wear glitter these days. 

These photos were by a friend. 
If you would like to see some of my photos from club nights then you can check them here.

I have been very busy, so I apologise for the lack of comments and posts!

I have a post about revision for those of you with exams coming up like myself, I shall post it on the morrow!