Revision tips / photos

I always finds that a cup of tea helps to aid revision, even just getting up to go and make a drink gives you a little change from looking at your books ! My tea of the month is super fruit tea by Teapigs.The teabags smells so wondrous and the tea taste so perfect, I also am very keen on the lemon grass tea.

As we now use computers for the majority of writing we do, such as essays and coursework, I find it good to try to a lot of revision notes by hand to get my hand in the swing of writing for 3 hours straight ! What type of pens do you use in exams or in general?

I find that using post-its and flash cards are such a useful way of learning , once I have got my head round a topic i put key words onto the flash cards and get my mum, or a friend to test me !

I stick post it notes around my room and through my books, it helps me to remember key points. A useful way of doing this is to write a definition or a word onto the post it and every time you see it try to remember what it is describing or describe the word which is on it !

A very important tip: which i only realized worked last year, when a friend forced me to do it, was to put pictures of diagrams on my wall, you look at them without subconsciously knowing it and it really does help to remember diagrams, equations and such in an exam !

Colour co ordinating post its, folders, highlighters and pens can be useful, I always try to do this with either post it’s or highlighters ! Oh and it makes your work a lot prettier too!

Dont forget to eat ! and dont forget to eat healthy too, fruit and fish are fantastic food for the brain! Peanut butter on crackers also helps to fill you up, and is a small snack !

Having tasty food obviously helps a lot, a friend of mine always has a pick and mix bowl on her desk ! Its colourful, pretty and easy to pick at whilst reading !

I have another friend who puts grapes in the freezer and then eats once they are crunchy, strange but I think I may give it a go again, its been a long time since I tried it !

Try to make time to read something special. My breaks have been consumed with over thinking silly things but when I have had the chance I have been reading old magazines, like the one above from 2006, i think!

If it is sunny, why not sit outside and read, or make notes ! It makes a lovely change of view !

I will try and add more to this but I have been very busy ! I hope it helps some what !

good luck to those of you with exams !