Last week my camera was at my side

Last week was when we had all the lovely sunshine !

I took a walk through the park – which I dont do often as its fully of needles on the bench, odd balls and is just a general danger zone!

Just so you all know, I made it through the park safe and sound !
Coffee and Shopping with mum in Leeds !

I was looking for new sandals, I was shocked and a little annoyed at the fact that almost every person had a pair of gladiator sandals on!

It did not help that everyone was wearing them with leggings tucked into them or over ! Im sure I would wear mine with leggings as im scared of showing my legs ?!?!?
So i need to find some funky style of sandals that not everyone has on !

– Dont get me wrong, I understand that once people pick up on a trend then you will see everyone in similar styles and its up to you to make yourself a little different. I just felt really bored by the fact that every female was wearing them ! Maybe ive looked into these sandals a little late !

The boy’s mum had a garden full of fruit

and …. Guess what—- A bike with a basket!

I went to watch Oasis in Heaton park !

It was so sunny and lovely and the cider went down a little too easily!

I wore my new Betsey Johnson sunglasses – and scratched them !

I wore my new hat from New Look – and someone stole it off my head !

Oasis were were fab, Ive not seen them live before and they really put on a good show ! Oh and they had a few technical faults at the start and came back on to the stage and said “From now this is a free gig”
Meaning – Money back !

I then walked home in the cold cold wind and actually almost froze to death ! The next day I had pains in my chest and clearly a bad cold !

The past few days I have been unpacking my things, sorting my clothes oh and ive been reading drinking way to much tea and making more things!

I want to sell some of my clothes, vintage finds and some of the things I have made. But I am not sure if I should post them on here, have a seperate blog or just stick to ebay ! Im not so good with ebay i dont think !

Hope your all having a nice week!