Cheeseburgers and Milkshakes

This is the America in my head.

This is the America I want to visit.

Sadly last time I was in America it was not so much like this, dont get me wrong, it was lots of fun .. but theres something about the 50’s 60’s that just sucks me right in !

Cars filled with friends like this

Filling up at a place like this and with a car like that

Not blogging on my Laptop/PC/BB
But typing my thoughts on this

Dancing like this

Capturing my summer fun on one of these

A Part time job like the girls above, serving drinks in the sunshine to people in pretty cars!

Pretty girls like these – real not fake.

Watching this TV

Getting giddy over 3d glasses !

Drinking pepsi cola… Out of a glass bottle and not a plastic bottle !

Drinking a milkshake like this with my boy…

These photos were all taken from Bills Retro World which can be found here – A fantastic website !

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