An honest little tag

I have been given an award by La Femme Chic G check out her blog its delightful!

10 Honest things about myself:
1- I honestly like marmite
I honestly love my family and friends
3- I honestly think Tim Burton is just fantastic
4- I honestly wish I had gone to Glastonbury this year
5- I honestly think you should try and do what you want in life
6- I honestly want to learn to like myself more
7- I honestly always put things in colour order
8- I honestly drink too much tea and coffee
9- I honestly love to help people
10- I honestly like writing on my blog and posting photos

Oh and I honestly think we should do something about this climate change!!

I give this award to :

Anyone who would like t take part, all the blogs I have read and who read mine are fab and im not sure who to pick as i have seen many of you have already done this!

Also, here is a photo of a lovely little friend i made when I visited York !

Ps – Check out my lovely sister and her new blog –