Lazy Sunday Afternoon….

Lazy Sunday afternoon
I’ve got no mind to worry
I close my eyes and drift away-a
Lyrics – The Small Faces

This was my lazy , rainy and cold Sunday afternoon!

I went with my family to the sculpture park

It is so pretty here, the art and animals make the poor weather seem fine.

It did brighten up whilst we were there, but only after the rain had got my toes wet!

The above sculpture was of a rabbit and his body was made with lots of different bits, very interesting!

This is one i loved the most. These two rabbits dancing within the trees, it made me think of Alice in Wonderland and the Mad hatter !

For some foolish reason i didnt get a photo of this unusual sculpture from the front. I really should have, it was strange looking but also fantastic. It was 3D from the front view!

Here is me sheltering from the rain under many trees and in-front of a small tree house. I remember when I was younger and this tree house (the door you can see on the left) used to be open and they used to take little children up there. Sadly it is not now and people have posted rubbish through that letter box ! tut tut people are terrible !

They hold classes here, and these creative folk were makin some amazing works of art!

Ive had lots on my mind this weekend, so coming for a walk was just what i needed.

The views are beautiful in rain or shine!

My family walking ahead as i slowly pranced around with my camera trying to shield him from the rain!