Still missing Munich – Part 1

I have so much to say about Munich, it was such a fantastic city and im not sure how I shall get round to telling you everything. But I have decided to split it into a several parts over the next week or so.

Daisy’s top 5 reasons to visit Munich
– The people were so friendly
– Each step you take there is history to the left, the right, above and under you
– You can get to near enough anywhere from the central train station
– The food was fantastic
– I spotted some fantastic antique shops

During my week in Munich I think we had three days of VERY hot weather, a few less bright days yet warm still but this made it easier for sightseeing !

On the first day we took the tram into the center where we had a yummy breakfast and began our little adventure around the town.

This road is where I would like to have an apartment if i were to move to Munich. The blocks of apartments were each a different colour, yet all pastel tones. The photo below shows how the street looked when we had finally got to the end f it. (yes it was a long road ) Oh thats another thing, we did so much walking while we were away, so by the end of each day/night i was glad to fall into my bed and sleep !

We did find it funny that even when the road was very clear people would not cross till the green light came on. On one tour we went on the lady did tell us it was “kind of illegal” to cross the road when it is red. I guess this makes sense and we soon came round to this less rushed attitude t crossing the road !

Sadly I don’t know what this building is, or if infact it is of any importance at all. I just really liked the cute little shapes and the colour of it.

In Munich there is history everywhere you look, however unless you have a tour guide or perhaps a fantastic tour book then you could very easily miss it. We had missed a lot and walked past some very important buildings where so much happened (more on that later) but did not know anything till we took a guided tour !

So if you do visit Munich I do think that taking a tour guide can be well worth it !

At the end of the pretty road in the photos above was an interesting “pub” which brewed their own beer. On my first few steps through the door the smell of the hops hit me, and i must say its a smell i really do like.

We stayed and sipped coffee and chatted for a while, we did mean to go back to try their beer (even though im not the biggest fan of beer ) but we sadly didn’t have time to get back there.

The building was fantastic from the outside to the inside, i expect there was a lot of hidden history about it other than the fact they have brewed their own beer for many years. Yes your correct, I haven’t got the name…silly me !
I had to take a shot of the floor in here as this is what i believe is the best flooring , its very 1950’s and reminds me of the old milkshake bars ! Also my grandma had a similar flooring in her old home.

Making notes and deciding how to get to places on the underground was a daily thing. The train service, tram service and underground were all quite fantastic, especially compared to here in England (sorry england ! )

This photo was taken whilst sipping green tea at the BMW Welt, I cut my friends out of the photo as I was not so sure they would have wanted me to leave them in ! I have a lot more to tell you but im very sleepy now as I have just got back from my holiday in Southwold!

Im looking forward to catching up on all your blogs !
Remember all photos can be made larger by clicking on them.