Aussie Is My Angel

A few weeks back I received an email from Lauren at Aussie, 3 events with aussie goodies. How delightful I thought. I was sent a key and invite from Lauren but did not receive it untill AFTER the first event had taken place. Im a huge fan of Aussie products so I think you can guess how gutted I was. I was delighted when Lauren sent me a box of Aussie Goodies to my house. How fantastic and generous. As soon as I opened the box the yummy smell hit me ! and of course I jumped straight in the shower to try out the beautiful smelling goodies.

I can tell you they are a MUST try AUSSIE products are so very fantastic !

Oh and one more thing – In the goodie box was a Topshop voucher

The voucher is hiding in the little green pocket whilst he hangs out with a bottle of Miracle Moist ! Thankyou for my very soft hair Aussie !

This is also what is keeping me going today (Yes I am looking for jobs, researching jobs, listening to the rain and guess what ! Yes im over thinking)

An unusual and interesting little thing for you:
If you can get to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew – I would love to hear what you make of this!

“Hear the extraordinary sounds of a tree at our Tree Listening points. Use the headphones hanging from the tree to hear water being pulled up the tree and mixing with natural pockets of air, and the deeper sound of the tree vibrating as it moves with the wind”.

The Designer is Alex Metcalfe ( Who you can see above)

I think to hear the sounds of a tree growing would be quite interesting! Its living just like you and I but its easy to forget!

Here is an interesting article about it – Click the link silly !