I want to be what I was when I wanted to be what I am now…

Im not going to lie to you ! I have not really been doing so much the past few weeks, I have had my little trips to Manchester and spent the rest of my time researching jobs, courses and what I want to do with my life.

This photo makes me look like I have only one arm. However I do have two , it is the illusion that the over sized blazer ( ONLY £4.00 from a Huddersfield charity shop) is giving. The dress is from Republic, yes I was quite shocked too as I dont tend to find anything I like in there. Its simple and nice for summer…which is slowly drifting out of view…but still hanging on a little.

The quote in my title was graffiti in London (1980)

Do you have your dream job?
What do you want to be when you are older?
Tell me all !

For me I am interested in so many things I find it hard to pin point something. But I think my dream job has to include photography, marketing, advertising, writing. history and psychology.
Maybe I will start my own magazine one day !
Oh and you may have noticed for some while that I have a button on my sidebar for VanitySanity ! I spotted a notice whilst I was “revising” in university (boo hoo I wish I was there now) and made a note of it in my diary. Later that day I came across the website I had jotted down and took a look. What did I find? well I found a delightful website full of beauty products and make up and cheaper prices ! 20% off BarryM … I think so ! Im a little addicted to BarryM nail polish so for me (someone who actually has no job right now) this is a nice way of getting my hands on some new nail polish and other goodies as lower prices ! Yes Yes ! I know, should I really be buying new make up when I dont have a job yet ?! Im not sure.. I am looking though and will need nice nails for an interview 😉

Anyway ! I spoke to Sophia Ahmad who is the founder of VanitySanity and she told me that she originally worked for an accountants but got made redundant. She took hold of this opportunity and decided to start her own business. Having always wanted to do something beauty related the idea for VanitySanity was an easy decision.

As the sunshine is still kicking around I asked Sophia what she reccomends :

Luscious Lips: Just like our skin our lips also need protection from UVA rays. Therefore use a lip balm which has a minimum 15 SPF. Applying lip balm will help keep your lips soft and supple. If you prefer to wear lipsticks then the colour for hot summer lips is definitely coral. This colour has long been touted as the only colour that looks great on any skin tone. Make sure you still apply a SPF lip balm underneath your lipstick for extra protection.
Why not try:
Barry M lip paint in Coral £4.25 NOW : £3.40
Too Faced Lip Injection Gloss in Techno Glow – £5.99 (RRP £12.00)

I will be giving you more tips from Sophia every now and then !
I like to help out new, small and up and coming businesses. VanitySanity is a new company which really appeals to be and I hope I have pointed you to the direction to a website which may be of interest to you too !
Take a little look when you get some free time ! Vanity Sanity