Type writer ink

I am quite excited by: Erin Fetherston

Soft shades

delicate colours

Plunging neck lines

I am so sorry for the lack of posts this week, I have lots running through my mind ! Applyingfor jobs researching jobs has been taking up my week. I ahve also managed to fitting in re arranging my room and keeping an eye on NYFW !

The above is what you can find beside my bed at the moment. POP Magazine – although I have not had chance to have a good read of it just yet, I can tell you it isfull of excitement. On having a quick flick through on the bus I could barely contain my excitement due to the pull outs, interviews and amazing photography! I shall tell you more once I have had chance to actually read it !
Yes I have jumped onto the Twilight bandwagon, I have not watched the films but have so far read the first two books. I am addicted to them as I find them a nice easy read and an escape if I am honest ! Sometimes you just feel the need to escape for an hour or so into another world where your own personal worried and problems seem to fade away ! Im not sure if I will or will not watch the film yet …

My poor camera has still not been sent back to me, infact I am calling the place I have sent it to as I type….. and they have not picked up the phone ! 🙁 I picked up the two photography magazines in a charity shop. They are fairly recent ones but its nice to pay 20p each for them rather than the usual price – So dont forget to check your local charity shops for magazines !

I must dash…