Added to my inspiration folder today

I cut it out of a magazine for my note book… so its kind of my “folder” I just tracked down the photo online too!

Bright orange and blue to catch the last of the summer days we may have… and being in England I guess thats very few !

Im on the look out for a black lace dress, I know there is pleanty around but im yet to find the one for me ( oh and red lipstick – ive not yet found )

EDIT: Just had chance to add more !
I really am craving to catch any last bit of summer ( as I am typing the sunshine just got a little brighter through the window – and then dulled… ) so yes, everything that is catching my eye right now is brightly coloured, happy and carefree !

DVF – The bright yellow is so pleasing and screams at me to go on holiday , as do the flowers in the hair ! I think ill get back into wearing bigger hair accessories this week -flowers – bows and ribbons !
Zac Posen – More flowers, more summer holidays and a little sparkle ! Such a striking collection as the above and below photos show.

Tuleh – Very cute, very girly and pleasing to the eye.