Another snow

We had another snowfall on Monday, school were closed, the sky was white and of course… the roads were full of snow ! On my wellies went again and my mum and I visited our neighbours to see if they wanted anything from the shops. I took my camera with me on our little walk but was quite worried about it getting caked in snow, so every now and then I would wrap it back up in its warm bag.
Helping out others is such a pleasing thing, and everyone was so happy they did not have to trudg out into the snow. By the time I had dropped off everyone’s requests my toes were numb so it was lovely to get home to fresh coffee and a warm fire. 

Next up is the Aussie night out !

I could not do the post about it before Christmas as I felt it needed some time and love to go into it, and working a lot prevented this.
Happy New Year everyone!! I am sorry that I am onl just getting round to wishing you all a fantastic year ahead.
This year I want to focus on my dreams…and that is a fact! What about you?!